The NOMOBO 5 of... Nicky Romero

november 21, 2017
The NOMOBO 5 of...
In the past 5 years we've done a great deal of Nicky Romero shows all over the world. We've broadcasted Nicky Romero's sets at SLAM! kingsday, The Flying Dutch, Empo awards and of course his sets at Ultra Music Festival in Miami and around the world. Check out our top 5 of Nicky Romero DJ sets here!

1. Ultra Music Festival Miami 2017 + 1.5 Million views
In March 2017 Nicky Romero returned to Miami for the Ultra Music Festival. He closed out the Worldwide Stage on Saturday. Nicky Romero did a great job and absolutely killed it. It will be no surprise this set is number 1 at NOMOBO's top5! 

2. Empo Awards 2014 + 595K views
Nicky Romero did a special performance at Mexico's EMPO Awards live from his studio in the Netherlands. The performance was powered by a satellite connection to one of the biggest music award events in Mexico.

3. SLAM! Kingsday 2017 + 82K views
In 2017 Nicky Romero celebrated the birthday of the Dutch King in his home country the Netherlands at SLAM! Kingsday. It was the first time NOMOBO created the SLAM! Kingsday live stream. Check out how Nicky entertains the orange crowd.

4. The Flying Dutch 2016 Rotterdam + 628K views
In the summer of 2016 Nicky Romero was one DJs to perform at the Flying Dutch festival. A helicopter transported him to Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. NOMOBO captured his performance in Rotterdam.

5. Ultra Music Festival Europe 2017 + 92K views

Nicky Romero has been a familiar face at multiple Ultra's around the world. One of his latest Ultra performances was this summer in Split, Croatia for Ultra Europe.

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