How a livestream benefits your business

juni 22, 2017

Live streaming is big business and experts predict that it will only become bigger. Internet pioneers like Mark Zuckerberg have made live video centerpieces of their growth plans.

How a livestream benefits your business

As one of the first companies to produce broadcast quality live streams with more than 2 billion views on our content around the world, we'd like to think NOMOBO has played a role in its growing popularity! Of course live streaming is about more than broadcasting fun content; it's big business. Here are just a few of the many benefits:

All restrictions vanish into thin air with a live stream, whether they are geographical, physical or financial. If you are streaming your event or even your product (for instance the launch of a new product or car), it becomes accessible to everybody everywhere. With the expansion of your reach beyond people physically present, your ROI skyrockets.

Through live streaming you can take your virtual audience on a journey, engaging them all in your unique experience. Who knows? It might even inspire them to be present in real life next time! Over 60% of the people that watch live event video content, buy a ticket for your event or a similar event.

Live streams are actually a great way of boosting interaction between you and your target audience. For instance, they can react to the stream live via Twitter or Facebook. This way, you know what the crowd thinks of your event in real time.

Meet consumer preferences
Immediacy is not only preferred but also demanded by Millennials and Gen Z. If you are targeting these demographics, you need to deliver content according to their behaviors and preferences. Live streams allow real time access to your event, when relevancy and timeliness of the content is at its peak. There is no need for your audience to wait!

The engagement statistics and business impact NOMOBO clients have seen from live streaming are off the charts. Check out our projects and case studies to learn more.

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